Disposable Laparoscopic Instrument

  • Light, well balanced
  • Smooth rotation of jaws
  • Comfortable easy open and close handle
  • Double hinge design insure maximum jaw opening and accurate jaw motion
  • Colors of reel could be customized

  • 106Y.201 Curved Scissor, High-insulation(17mm)
  • 106Y.203 Curved Scissor, High-insulation Short Blade(12mm)
  • 107Y.201 Maryland (19mm) 108Y.201 Clinch (22mm)
  • 108Y.202 Fenestrated Grasper (17mm)
  • 108Y.203 Babcock (17mm)
  • 108Y.204 Fenestrated Babcock (21mm)
  • 108Y.205 Blint (19mm)
  • 108Y.206 Fenestrated Grasper, Long (22mm)
  • 108Y.207 Fenestrated Bowel Grasper (35mm)
  • 108Y.208 Fenestrated Grasping Froceps (22mm)

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